FCLC Donation page

Support Teachers and Educators

We provide transformational workshops and coaching for educators, parents and caregivers, organizational leaders and youth.
We create cohesive communities committed to practicing democratic leadership for an equitable and ecologically sustainable world.

We need your support!

We are building our capacity by planning our first Train-the-Trainer week-long retreat
for incoming Parenting & Classroom Democratic Leadership Facilitators for Summer 2022.

See the Impact of your Donation:

Get ½ of the Leadership Team to Seattle (15 Leaders).

Covers the Retreat Center for the week’s revolutionary planning. 

Pays the honorarium for a Facilitator Leader-in-Training for a week of a Summer Institute.  

Gets a Facilitator/Leader to Seattle.

Feeds a Facilitator/Leader half the week.   

Provides firewood for evening inspirational brainstorms. 

Provides the bed for the Facilitator/Leader to sleep in.

Feeds a Facilitator/Leader’s body and brain.